Competition for the selection of the best papers in the field of finance for 2013

In the premises of the Banking Agency of the Republic of Srpska was held the presentation of awards due to the results of the competition for the election of the best papers from the field of finance for 2013 and which is awarded by the Financial Sector Supervision Coordination Committee of the Republic of Srpska (hereinafter: the Committee), on 18 September 2014 .

On the competition applied nine papers in total, from the field of: insurance, banking and securities market.

Considering the modest number of the submitted papers and due to the minimal scoring defference (respecting the selected criteria) it was decided that all nine submitted papers would be awarded as second ranked and that meant by the fields which have been the subject of research.

In the next period, the Committee will implement financial literacy of the youth/students, as a continuous activity, through already established education forms.

It is expected that the response of the youth/students will be bigger and that in that manner will be contributed to the increase of the level of knowledge in the field of financial market and supervision in financial sector.